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Right Rev David Cook

Moderator Presbyterian Church of Australia


"The Presbyterian Church of Australia affirms its faith in the God and Father of the Lord, Jesus Christ, the triune God.

We believe that God has breathed out the words of Scripture via His Holy Spirit, the Bible is the God-breathed Word of God, our supreme authority, that which a careful and serious reading of the Bible affirms, this denomination affirms, that which it condemns, we condemn.

We believe that all humankind is to be respected because man and woman were created by God in His image (Genesis 1:26 -27).

We believe that Jesus Christ took on human flesh and revealed God’s model of humanity (John 1:14, John 14:9, Colossians 1:15 – 19) and that humans are more truly human by knowing Him and growing to be like Him (Romans 8:29).

We believe that Jesus Christ was committed to the love of enemy (Matthew 5:44) and friend (Luke 10:27 – 28), we therefore commit ourselves to the consistent pursuit of the elimination of 21st Century slavery – which is profoundly unloving.

We believe that all enslavement, whereby humans lose freedom and are exploited, against their will, for the profit and advantage of others, is both disrespectful of God and dehumanising of the human being.

We believe that every effort ought to be made to rid the world of such a stain, by all legal means, thus expressing solidarity with our brethren of the 17th and 18th centuries who worked for the eradication of slavery in an earlier age."


Download a copy of the Faith Statement here.